Automate disable the display of shemas and tables with permission denied

We have a greenplum data source connected in dremio (connected as a postgress), while access to some schemes is closed. When you try to access them, the data is not displayed, and the message is written in the job results:

Source ‘source’ returned error 'ERROR: permission denied for schema closed_schema

Is there a standard mechanism for automatic (not manual) exclusion of unaccessible schemas and tables from the list of available ones? It would be nice to turn them off from auto-update metadata.
Or does this need to be implemented independently?


Instead of this schema, is it possible to create a schema/user in PG that has select on the specific schemas/tables that you need from Dremio and use that in the Dremio PG source settings?

This is a question for our analysts, I will try to find out from them. But if the answer is no, are there any recommendations?


Currently, No, Dremio will send a query to Postgres and populate the tables returned

External web tables easily will work between Dremio <–> Greenplum. And Postgres knows nothing about Greenplum. forget PG. It’s the GP stuff you need to be able to read. gpadmin/gpadmin


Currently, Dremio does not support GPDB as a connector