Can not read data from materialized view In Postgres

Hello. I have problem with postgres materialized view in dremio
I saw the question about similar problem (
Can't see PostgreSQL materialized views)

but when I tried to make settings according to the Dremio manual I do not see the “Grant External Query access” options on advanced options page.

Version of my instance of dremio is Build

Community Edition
Thanks in advance!

@dkc What is the error? Please share query profile if possible

I have not error yet) , i can not to do settings ( Grant External Query access .) to query materialized view

@dkc That checkbox is to enable the Dremio feature called External queries where you can send queries to RDBMS sources like Postgres without Dremio need to parse the SQL, so if there are any native PG functions, you can use them, here is the documentation on how to use the feature

but I do not see this checkbox on the form (i put the screen above).This is my problem.
Thanks in advance

@dkc Sorry missed that, let me check and get back to you

Hello! Are there some news about this question? This function will be avaliable ?
Thanks in advance!

@dkc Starting from Dremio 16.0, external query is a RBAC privilege

Currently, this is an Enterprise Edition feature