Creating Users / Provisioners Automatically

I’m looking to automate the configuration of Dremio.

The v3 API allows me to create the data sources, etc, but I also need to be able to automate the creation of users and the creation of provisioners. Both of these look like they might be possible via v2 API, but not sure how to execute/call any of these APIs.

I also looked at how to manipulate the data/configuration that is stored on the backend. Looks like the .cfs files may contain this data, but not sure.

Any help here would be appreciated.



Hey there,

Currently user creation is not available on the publicly documented REST API. However, it is possible, using the internal one. You can check out my NodeJS Client API here, which both demonstrates which REST calls to use, but also provides a nice idiomatic way of using the API - assuming you’re writing on top of NodeJS:


Hi all,

I am also looking for ways to provision users, spaces, folders, automatically. I have explored the SQL/jdbc path because I do not want to open a second line of communcation via REST API. I miss:
a) “create/drop schema” for management of spaces, folders, subfolders.
b) “create/drop/alter user”

Really cool would be some sort of dump environment [catalog, datasets, sources, users, …] to file format and install from file mechanism to bootstrap projects (e.g. via docker). The bootstrap/dump file format should human readable/editable. With all the json serialisation for the REST API it seems doable.

What Do you think?