Create an administrator user from the command line

Hi guys, i want to create a Kubernetes cluster with Zookeeper + Dremio that will connect to a Source ( for the moment just an S3 bucket). To do this i need a Docker image that is ready to be used by the cluster, to be able to add the source by default i need an administrator ( and then use the Rest API ) .

Is there any way to start a Dremio with a admin user by default? without doing a backup ?

thanks in advance community :smiley:

The first user that logs into a brand new Dremio instance will be an admin by default. Also, our new upcoming 1.5 release will have enhancements for Dremio to work with Docker, specifically the ability to run the process in the foreground.

hello and thanks for the answer, but this does not answer my question, if i want to login with the REST API in a new instance, i need to create an user before, dont i? my problem is that i have to create an user and then connect and there is no way to create an user before having an user.

a workaround is to create an user and then backup, create the image and restore the db at each time the image is called (in the master node ) but this is not advice because k8s might restore your db if it restart the pod

Hey Luis,

Could you create a Dremio docker instance, set as a master coordinator. Then login; this will present you with the ‘create admin user’ screen. If you then go ahead and create that user, and then snapshot the state of the image and use that as your base for future work.


If you’re using dremio-managed accounts, you can do something like this to make an admin after you start the service:

curl 'http://localhost:9047/apiv2/bootstrap/firstuser' -X PUT \
      -H 'Authorization: _dremionull' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     --data-binary '{"userName":"banana","firstName":"banana","lastName":"banana","email":"","createdAt":1526186430755,"password":"bananas4ever"}'

If you’re using AD/LDAP, you can specify admin users or groups in your configuration:


@desidero thank you!!! I was so disappointed when I thought it was not possible to create the first user automatically. This is so great, saved me