Browser errors in ver 4.7

Hi Dremio Team,

repeatedly getting browser UI errors whenever refresh or click on Datasets or dremio logo

if click on Reload/GotoHome its logs me out and need to login again

502- error appears randomly when switching screens

Err3 Err2 Err1


Are you going via a load balance or proxy? What happens if you use the Dremio coordinator physical hostname:9047?

we are running dremio in k8s cluster.
created external load balancer dns name with TCP/443(ingress) as health check
an ingress load balancer for this dns name pointing to dremio/dremio-client:9047 in dremio namespace

I do see some errors in ingress logs, whenever there is a dremio browser error
connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream


Is it possible to test without the Ingress layer?


yes, tested with nodeport service, with one of cluster nodes ip address&port.
so far don’t see any browser errors/logoff’s.

issue seems to be happening only when traffic routed through ingess?


You should check the Ingress setup with your networking team