Building dremio with proxysettings in maven settings.xml

When building dremio with a proxy enabled in mavens settings.xml the “Analyst Center - UI 2.1.6-201809161906440178-edb5b4d” compilation fails as the proxy-parameter is obviously passed on to webpack which doesnt know what to do with it

[INFO] Found proxies: [proxy{protocol=‘http’, host=‘XXX’, port=3128, with username/passport authentication}]
[INFO] Running ‘npm run buildprod – --output-path=/appdata1/dremio-oss-master/dac/ui/target/classes/rest/dremio_static --proxy=http://XXX’ in /appdata1/dremio-oss-master/dac/ui
[INFO] > dremio-ui@1.0.0 buildprod /appdata1/dremio-oss-master/dac/ui
[INFO] > npm run build – '@' "--output-path=/appdata1/dremio-oss-master/dac/ui/target/classes/rest/dremio_static" "--proxy=XXXXXXXX [INFO] [INFO] [INFO] > dremio-ui@1.0.0 build /appdata1/dremio-oss-master/dac/ui [INFO] > npm run lint && NODE_ENV=production webpack --bail "@" “–output-path=/appdata1/dremio-oss-master/dac/ui/target/classes/rest/dremio_static” “–proxy=XXXXXXX”
[INFO] > dremio-ui@1.0.0 lint /appdata1/dremio-oss-master/dac/ui
[INFO] > eslint --cache ./ ${DREMIO_UI_SRC:-src}
[INFO] /appdata1/dremio-oss-master/dac/ui/src/components/Acceleration/Advanced/CellPopover.js
[INFO] 356:7 warning Expected indentation of 4 spaces but found 6 indent
[INFO] :heavy_multiplication_x: 1 problem (0 errors, 1 warning)
[ERROR] webpack 3.8.1
[ERROR] Usage: [ERROR] Usage without config file: webpack []
[ERROR] Usage with config file: webpack
[ERROR] Config options:
[ERROR] --config Path to the config file
[ERROR] [string] [default: webpack.config.js or webpackfile.js]
[ERROR] --config-name Name of the config to use [string]
[ERROR] --env Environment passed to the config, when it is a function

[ERROR] Unknown argument: proxy

[ERROR] npm ERR! errno 1
[ERROR] npm ERR! dremio-ui@1.0.0 build: npm run lint && NODE_ENV=production webpack --bail "$@" "--output-path=/appdata1/dremio-oss-master/dac/ui/target/classes/rest/dremio_static" "--proxy=XXXXXXXXXX 8"
[ERROR] npm ERR! Exit status 1
[ERROR] npm ERR!
[ERROR] npm ERR! Failed at the dremio-ui@1.0.0 build script.
[ERROR] npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.

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