Operating behind a reverse proxy

Hi, all.

I’m trying to run dremio behind a reverse proxy so that, e.g. ‘https://site.example.com/dremio/’ is proxied to the dremio listening port. The problem arises because dremio assumes that all internal links start with ‘/’, and I can find no way to reconfigure the application root URL.

Does this configuration feature exist? If not, I will have to resort to some hacky HTML rewriting in the reverse proxy…


Hi @andrewgdotcom, there currently isn’t a config option for this.
Supporting proxy situations like this one isn’t currently on our roadmap, but I’m going to start tracking it internally.

In the meantime, we do accept open source contributions if you are interested. Just off the top of my head, our webpack and api constants file are probably good starting points:

(Though I’d be remiss not to mention that there are security implications to such a configuration, and would be happy to discuss further should you want more information about that.)