Serve Dremio UI and API under given path

I would like to serve Dremio under a path e.g. but it seems to me Dremio 19.0.0 doesn’t support it.

While I can deploy an nginx proxy with URL rewrite rule, so the dremio/ part will be removed from the request, the UI still tries to download css and js files from instead of

Can you add this feature please or guide me how to configure Dremio in this case?

You would have to open the dremio-dac-ui JAR file and edit rest/dremio_static/index.html - the links we generate are absolute.

Thanks, I’ve found it. I guess I could do that, but that would also add to the maintenance cost when upgrading Dremio.
If you guys find the time, it would be great to have a config for this in dremio.conf