Can Dremio connect to EMC ECS Object storage?

I am trying to get Dremio to connect to EMC ECS. I have added fs.s3a.endpoint to the Properties but I am unable to connect. When I go to save, I get Failed to create workspaces for buckets owned by the account.


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I do not believe Dremio looks at fs.s3a.endpoint property to connect to it directly. Essentially it figures out what buckets are accessible based on the credentials specified. But good idea for enhancement.

Hi Team,

Can you please confirm if we can connect to EMC ECS S3 with Dremio. Tried connecting using Amazon S3 source but it fails with ‘ConnectTimeoutException’ : “Connect to [] failed: connect timed out”.
It tries to connect to ‘’ despite of mapping fs.s3a.endpoint property. Please confirm how to connect to ECS S3 using dremio?


@Monika_Goel Hey Monika, this is currently not supported. We will be sure to post here when it is.

Hi @Can @yufeldman

Can’t we use Amazon S3 source( to connect with ECS S3. As ECS S3 uses AWS S3 behind the scenes?

Hey @Monika_Goel, this is not supported. Appreciate your feedback.

Hi - is there any update for support for EMC ECS @can

Dremio can now connect to EMC ECS and other S3 compatible products: