No option to enable external queries in ui or api

I’ve just upgraded from Dremio 13.0 to 17.0.0 and my api calls are failing as they expect the MSSQL source type to have “enableExternalQuery” in the config but this is now missing. Looking at the UI there is also now no option to enable this.
Has something changed and the docs need updating?

Thanks for your help

from 17 enableExternalQuery for mssql is true

@rongfengliang Thanks, that would explain why it is missing! I couldn’t find anything about this in the release notes - is this the intended behavior going forwards? Do you know the rationale behind this?

yes. not in release notes. I found it from jdbc plugin

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@rongfengliang @Saltxwater External query is now a RBAC privilege which is an Enterprise edition feature