Can you add color themes for the different environments?

I was working in both my Dev and production environment today. I accidently created a new VDS in production. Can you add the ability to change my color theme? I want to make sure my different environments have different colors so I don’t make changes in the wrong place.

Hi @IsraelDC1,

You can’t change the color through settings. However, you could change the logo by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Settings → Support → Support Keys.
  2. Search for the ui.whitelabel.url support key and update it with the URL of the logo, e.g:
  3. Search for the ui.csp.value support key and whitelist the domain name that contains the logo (in this case by adding the domain after img-src 'self'.
  4. Restart Dremio.

Also, please see this related old thread: Change Dremio logo to company - #6 by puspitab