Is it possible to replace Dremio's logo by our company? If yes, how can I do it?

I’m trying to introduce Dremio to our team, manager so convince them to use Dremio
In order to do that, I need to customize some GUI, logo to make them feel more confortable
Is it legal to replace to Dremio’s logo by our company? ( Of course in this case, we will write something like ‘Powered by Dremio’)
Can you please advise
In the case it’s legal to do this, can you please advise how to do it
Thank you so much

There isn’t a configuration option for changing the logos in Dremio’s GUI, so to make this change you would need to modify the code.

Dremio is Apache licensed, so there’s nothing really preventing you from changing something like this. However, your changes would need to be re-implemented with each upgrade, which might become tedious.

We have worked with customers of our Enterprise Edition to find suitable workarounds.