Change Dremio logo to company

This has been asked in the past with no concrete answer but is it possible to change the logo on the Dremio localhost page? If yes how do I locate the url files like the css/html to make such change.

I think the easiest way is to download the source code, replace the images in the path below, and then rebuild the UI:

Path: /dremio-oss-micron/dac/ui/src/art

Dremio applies a saturation filter to the logo when the server is unreachable, so whatever logo you use will show up with a saturation of 0 when Dremio goes down. The file you are looking for is NarwhalLogoWithNameLight.svg in the folder above.

Thanks Patricker! I thought given the opensource it would come along with the source code but I suppose I was wrong there. So I assume you are referring to the dremio-oss/dac/ui/src/art in github yes?

Yes. Follow the instructions on Github, and between steps (b) Clone the Repository and ( c ) Build the Code modify the image so the modified image will be compiled into Dremio.

I think I gave you the wrong path for the SVG:

It’s confusing… I haven’t actually done this. But when I look at the webpack routing file, this path looks more correct than my previous one. Sorry!

Hey, I tried replacing the logo the way you suggested but it didn’t work.

Hi puspitab, it took me sometime to figure out an easier solution. I tried Patricker’s option but went further by grepping all mentions of Narwhal in the dremio open source directory. Made all necessary changes but had compilation issues which I later fixed and compiled successfully.
I figured out an easier way however to resolve this and you will definitely need svg files for your company logo.
I renamed the company logo svg files using the dremio logo name files and just replaced the original dremio logo files with mine.
I updated /dac/ui/src/components/Icon/icons/Narwhal-Logo-With-Name-Light.svg

I didn’t work on the favicons yet but you would just find their respective paths and replace the files with your company’s favicon but use same dremio name.
Hope that helps since it avoids having to update the code itself. You can update the code and use your own names once you see the quicker approach works and you want to go further.

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hey! thanks for your help.
I was able to change the logo but for some reason the logo became black. I can’t figure out the reason