Cannot reset admin name and password on windows

I try to reset admin password for dremio on windows.
But It isnot able to run command: dremio-admin set password.
I get error: The command not exist.
Are there any other possibilities to change admin account?

Thank you,

Hi Violetta, sorry you are having this issue. Let’s see if we can get dremio-admin to work for you.

Which version of Windows are you using, and how are you entering the command?

Hallo Kelly,
I use Windows 7 on this PC, 64 bit.
I tried follows command from /Dremio-Home/bin :
./dremio-admin set-password -u admin -p admin
/dremio-admin set-password -u admin -p admin
dremio-admin set-password -u admin -p admin

Hi Violetta,

Apologies, it actually isn’t possible to do this on windows right now. I think your best option if you cannot remember your admin password is a fresh install of Dremio.