Default user and password for Dremio


I’m installed Dremio two months ago and i don’t remember the user and password. What’s the default credentials for Dremio?


What operating system are you on? This thread also has more information on resetting passwords.

I’m on Windows 10. In Windows resetting the password is not supported, says that thread.I uninstall and reinstall Dremio, but Dremio is not asking me for new password or something similar…

You need to clear out the old data which on windows 10 should be in C:\Users\{USER_NAME}\AppData\Local\Dremio

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Thank you very much. It works for me!

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@gabomgp one thing to note is that this approach will result in a clean install –
metadata will not be preserved.

And for Linux (Redhat 7) there is a default password for the Dremio daemon user?