Can't create account in clustered configuration

So when I fire up a single instance of Dremio locally and go to localhost:9047 for the first time, I’m brought to a page to create an account.

I’m now trying to set up a production like cluster. I’ve got 3 master/coordinator nodes running attached to shared network storage. When I got to mysite:9047, I am brought to a login page, NOT the create account page. When I force the issue and manually go to the signup page, when I submit the form to create an account, it redirects me to the login page, but I can’t log in with the account I just created. So it seems like the account creation isn’t working.

What am I doing wrong? How do I create an account in a cluster?

I read this: Adding Users To Dremio

The shared network drive is mounted at /var/dremio/data

I created the directories found in the install under data:

mkdir /var/dremio/data/db
chown -R dremio:dremio /var/dremio/data/db

mkdir /var/dremio/data/pdfs
chown -R dremio:dremio /var/dremio/data/pdfs

mkdir /var/dremio/data/zk
chown -R dremio:dremio /var/dremio/data/zk

But it still doesn’t work. Do I need to create the second level directories found under db (catalog, metadata, search) and/or the files under pdfs/zk?