Column comments/descriptions/annotations

I am getting started with Dremio and trying to find out what the platform supports in terms of cataloging data. My organization works with a wide variety of public datasets, and these often have column definitions which vary in subtle but important ways.

Is there any way to add a description to the columns of a dataset?
Additionally, many of these datasets come with data dictionary documents already generated, so if we could import/link those to the dataset that would be great.



Hi Eric. Dremio has a wiki and tagging feature.

Thanks! I was hoping it would be possible to link description text for a column directly to that column, as a way to be sure that the column means what a user thinks it does.

I’ve thought about the implications of making such comments searchable in the search box up top, but my guess is that it would be very hard to tune the search to return relevant columns.
Nonetheless, it could make a useful secondary search if your first search returned nothing or it didn’t return the results you thought it should.
It would also be nice to display column comments/descriptions as part of the search result, even when they are not indexed for searching, since this could help a user confirm that they have actually found the column they were looking for.
At one point it seemed that this feature was on the roadmap. Does anyone know if it is still a planned feature?



Expanding the search functionality and column information is something that is still on the roadmap but there are no concrete timelines.

I tried to create column and descriptions in Dremio wiki corresponding to a VDS. In edit mode column and descriptions are aligned to look like a two column array . As when saved , and viewed in display mode, the wiki cuts all spaces except one blank space between column and descriptions. It looses its array structure. Also tried to give it as html table form, it didn’t take it. Is there a way to retain the number of spaces between Column and descriptions? attached the screen clip. In View Mode