Column metadata comments show up in describe

Hi - new to Dremio. In some other tools (ambari is an example) when one does a describe on a table, the column comments show. We use the comments to premanently store the data definition of the column and would like to be able to show that. Can I (easily) do that in Dremio? The below is how it appears in ambari.

|acct_ref_xid|string|ACCOUNT_REFERENCE_XID. Stores the 40 digit customer account number that is contained in the transaction header.|
|case_id|string|CASE_ID. The identifier for the case.|
|case_lvl_cd|string|CASE_LEVEL_CD. The level of the case, for example, customer, account, or service level.|

Hi @rudy.julian

Currently this feature is not available, for VDS, spaces, folders, you can use Wiki’s/tags to give a breif description. Would that work? Open the VDS and click on “Catalog” on the top and this should open the Wiki content

Although that would work, it’s far from ideal. We “generate” the comments from the data dictionary definitions in an excel spreadsheet. The DDL is then used to create the tables. The DDL comments are then available wherever a tool can access the metadata comments. Ambar, native HSQL, and many other tools, including some UI’s, can access the comments as they are part of the database metadata. Having to put those comments into a wiki is redundant and should be unnecessary. Dremio should produce the comments in a Describe.