How do you describe data for others

would like to expose ddl comments or add my own to help other users with understanding the curated data.

Hey @hson, you should be able to add/save comments in the SQL definition of a virtual dataset. Unfortunately, support for this for physical datasets (i.e. tables in sources) is not available right now.

That said, improving our data catalog experience is a priority. We have roadmap items to allow for better collaboration – exploring things like comments, annotations, popularity/usage metrics. Would be great to get more details on your use case/needs.

This is probably not what you’re looking for, but in case it is useful in some way…

The following types of comments will work:

This is a multi-line comment.
–This is a comment
FROM sys.version --WHERE version =

If you save this SQL as a virtual dataset, Dremio will save your comments. When you open the virtual dataset and open the SQL editor, you’ll see:


If you then click “Edit Original SQL” you’ll see your comments.


@can - What is the correct syntax? Is it like postgres style:

COMMENT ON COLUMN insight_ods_semantic_layer.dim_ms_user.terminal_name IS ‘The name of the terminal that generated this record.’;

Or are referring to regular code comments like Kelly mentioned.


@elliotbenjamin we currently support regular code comments. Our plan is to improve this experience to support dataset, space/source and column annotations.

I everybody,
Re opening the topics because it’s totaly what I’m wanted to discuss.

I’m currently in internship and I’m studying the possibility to use Dremio for my company in the future.
But I don’t find any possibility to add any comments to datasets (virtual or physical).

Am I missing something or is it still yet not available ?

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