Configuring Dremio on offline system


@Satvikjayasimha_Mola, the logs indicate that Dremio is just waiting on startup for its internal database. As I understand, the VED has a lot of restrictions. Can you work with your admin to make sure the Dremio process can communicate over the ports listed here:

Or have you been able to startup Dremio? I see that you are asking questions about SQL syntax…


Hi Ben, spoke to IT team its not working out with them. can you please investigate from your end if you have a solution


I dont see any reply to the last request


Hello @Satvikjayasimha_Mola, what is your goal for this Dremio installation? Is it possible to use any other environment besides VED?

If you are interested in simply testing Dremio locally (adding local sources), you should be able to do so on your company laptop.

Additionally, I believe Dremio University allows you to use cloud-hosted VMs to learn about Dremio.