Configuring Dremio on offline system

Hi, We have VED without internet connection. I have configured dremio, but its not working and its not allowing me the option to open dremio where its disabled.

Dremio will not working in offline system where we dont have internet?

Hi @Satvikjayasimha_Mola,

Can you describe your Dremio configuration in more detail? Where is the Dremio coordinator installed? Are you trying to access the Dremio Web UI from the same host or a different host?

I am trying to use dremio from same host inside VED, where i dont have internet.

Have dremio coordinator installed on VED where i dont have internet

Forgive, but I’m not familiar with VED. Is this a Linux or Windows system?
How did you install Dremio (

If you can start Dremio, please go to http://localhost:9047 on your web browser on the host with the coordinator. It should bring you to the Dremio UI

Window, where its a premise network we will not have any internet access, have installed and started the Dremio, but it doesnt run after clicking on start.

Is internet required to run dremio?

@Satvikjayasimha_Mola: By VED, do you mean the VMWare Virtual Engineering Desktop?

Yes correct…

Any updates on this?

@Satvikjayasimha_Mola: How did you deploy/install Dremio on the VED? Have you attempted to open a browser and point it at http://localhost:9047 on the Dremio host after starting the service?

You don’t need an internet connection to run Dremio, but you do need a network connection to the Dremio host.

Have deployed using internal tool, and ran it over their here is the screen i see


Please let me know your availability to have quick call on this


The logs may have more information about what’s going on. Can you attach the logs to this ticket? In the windows environment, they can be found in <USER_HOME>/AppData/Dremio/log. Please attach server.log and server.out

couldnt able to upload the files, as its allowing only JPG format (or) image format

Please share your email id, so, that i can send it via email

@Satvikjayasimha_Mola, You should also be able to put the files in a folder, zip that, and attach it here.

Log (2.4 KB)

Attached files,

On the same i have some question how can i filter the data in custom SQL.

Example select * from Test.“logstash-niq*”.logs where “time” >= (2018-12-01’)

Try using the GUI and Keep Only to filter based on time. Then you can look at the SQL that is generated to capture the syntax.

Can you share the screen shot how to do that

Lot’s of examples here:

Also, check out the courses on