Connection Pool error (jdbc:drill:drillbit=IP address)

Hi There , I am using dremio drill connector in my external service as a datasource, Up To now its working properly , But 2 days back on word i am facing Connection pool timeout error in my external service , I look in the log file in my service i got its a connection pool Timeout , Right now my Dremio deployed in Kubernetes docker container. So i need to Change anything in dremio config while deploy.And how to Increase connection pool as well as timeout in drill,We need to enable any policy in admin support side?

Dremio JDBC url is of the form jdbc:dremio:direct=... or jdbc:dremio:zk=... (see Apache Drill JDBC driver is not supported.

If you make sure to use the correct driver and the problem persists, make sure you specified the correct host and port and that you have proper connectivity between your service and your Dremio containers. If the problem still persists, you can try to provide your application logs along with dremio logs.

@laurent you are correct , But in our service we don’t have dremio connector , So we are using drill as a connector to connect the dremio.

this many connector are available to connect my service , so i choose in Drill as connector to connect with Dremio.

@laurent @doron @balaji.ramaswamy any Update for this connector side, How to archive in my Case, Could you tell me.


Did you try the steps I mentioned in my previous post?

@laurent we don’t have that connector , for my external service. for your reference i attached screen shot of my external service connector.

I was referring to those instructions:

Without any extra details, I’m afraid we cannot help you resolve the issue.

@laurent thanks for the Response, We Increased our DB dtu and pool configuration , Now we are not facing this issue.

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@laurent , if we want to use Drill bit like below

jdbc:drill:drillbit=,as i am using Dremio on analytics world and the Frontend which will display charts ,dashboards having Connector Call Drill …so i have used above url to connect analytics Appication with dremio…

But case is like Our Application dont have option to create custome connector which will accept url as jdbc:dremio:direct ,may i know if connection pool issue is because we have used drillbit in protocol

I will guess it would not, but you would ask to whoever is developing the application (as it might check whatever logs they have)

Glad you figured it out.

Can Apache Drill’s JDBC driver be used with your new Advanced Relational Pushdown (ARP) framework?

Haven’t tried but the framework is designed to accommodate most JDBC drivers

Thanks for the reply –

A follow-up: I used to be able to access the Dremio JDBC driver via Drill but can’t anymore. It worked with Drill 1.14 and I think Dremio 2.X. Any idea why this wouldn’t be possible now? Drill can handle any other JDBC driver I’ve tried. Thanks so much!

Not really. If you can share logs,it could help understand why.