Connectivity issue from Superset to Dremio

I have setup Dremio and Superset in Docker Desktop.
Dremio: http://locahost:9047
Superset: http://localhost:8088

I have also installed database driver for Dremio in Superset.

While connecting Superset to Dremio, I am getting below error-

I am using below SQLALCHEMY URI for Dremio-

On the above URL, Pinku in the last is dataset from next to the home icon from Dremio UI. I have also tried port 31010 but getting same error.

Can someone please help me on this as I am struggling on this issue since one week.

@Pinku Welcome to Dremio Community. Could you try again but with SQLAlchemy from this fork instead? GitHub - lenoyjacob/sqlalchemy_dremio: SQLAlchemy for Dremio via Flight interface

You can add it in the bootstrapScript in values.yaml for Superset like so:

pip install git+

Hi Jacob,

I am getting below error while running the pip install command from github for dremio-

@Pinku You need to install the SQLAlchemy Dremio dialect within the Superset pods (not on your local machine). If you’re using k8s and using helm to deploy Superset, add the above command to bootstrapScript in values.yaml for Superset (here)

@lenoyjacob The image that I sent in previous reply was from Docker Desktop terminal for Superset app-

Superset and Dremio both are in docker desktop. I am not using Helm.

Thank you for clarifying. The error seems to indicate that git is missing?

@lenoyjacob I have installed git but getting below error after running the command-

Can you please confirm if the below connection string is correct?

@lenoyjacob Dremio scrrenshot-

Great that you progressed from your previous error. If you look at your new error from pip, it says server certificate verification failed. If this is a test environment, see if this answer helps: git - github: server certificate verification failed - Stack Overflow

The ideal way is to refer to superset documentation on how to get packages set up correctly on a docker install. Particularly this one: superset/docker at master · apache/superset · GitHub which says to add it to the ./docker/requirements-local.txt file (along with the dependencies - git, certs etc.)

I recently created this superset image that has the Dremio library preinstalled

Here is Dockerfile to customize to your needs

Thankyou Lenoy, It worked!!

Thankyou for the reply Alex, I have followed the approach explained by LenoyJacob and It worked.