Converting JSON to tabular structure


I am working on a complex JSON message to be read via dremio and pass on to Tableau for reporting. I am observing that when I read the JSON message in Dremio, the array and hierarchy are still not normalized. In comparison to Tableau which completely normalizes the data into tabular format. Is there a way in Dremio to completely flatten out the JSON data into tabular structure without writing the flatten clause explicitly for each Heirarchy ?


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Yes. There are several examples here:

Hi Kelly, thx for your response. I have already gone through this tutorial. for complex Json with 20s of arrays and 10 levels of nested architecture within each array element would need me to write a sql query. Tableau does that automatically as soon as I load it in Tableau. was trying to understand if we have a similar utility instead of identifying and selecting each element to expand.

Not at this time, no. Dremio can query the JSON “as is” so we don’t yet have this feature.