I lost a query, plz help

Somehow I have a query that I can use to join against, but I can’t actually edit the query:

How do I get the query back? I’m happy if the result is ssh to the box and cat a specific file.


One option is to go to the jobs page, it should show previously run queries.

Also, if you open the dataset and press Edit Original SQL, does that work?

@doron that is the page that is failing. I can see the dimension data in the workspaces and click on it, but when it loads I get that error

Another open is to go to the container of the dataset and click on the Edit option:



that fails too

really appreciate the help

As mentioned previously, did you try to go to /jobs page and search for it (parkway_submissions_last_45_days)? You should see previously run SQL

that did work, sorry I misunderstood last time.

I’ve been having the same issue, on “Edit Original SQL” getting the same error: “Something went wrong” and the error is unrelated to the actual SQL query. I there a way to fix this and see the original SQL other than searching in all /jobs? Thank you!

You can run select * from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.views to get a list of virtual datasets and their definitions.

What version of Dremio are you running? We fixed a bunch of issues around edit original SQL so the latest 3.2 release should not be seeing this.

Thank you @doron, we are using 3.2.0. Great to hear that was fixed on the latest version.