Create Dataset/Reflection using Rest API

Hi There,
I am running the Dremio instance up and running in my windows Machine in version 3.0 ,I am following your Documentation ( for creating the Dataset/Reflection using REST API , In My case am able to create Space and Source using the REST API, But I am trying to Create the Dataset/Reflection using REST API ,I am not sure how to create the Dataset and Reflection using the REST API , I gone through your documentation for creation of Dataset API is not there in the documentation , But Reflection is there , If we need to create the Reflection we need to know the DatasetId , Where i need to get this ID using REST API.
And one more thing I have a one Source contain multiple Table (Mssql database) so i want to Create each table for one Dataset how to Do that, For a Reflection creation i followed this link
Rest API to disable /enable Reflections , But Its creating if i give the Dataset ID taken from the dremio Portal. But i need to get this Through REST API, If you dont Mind Could you Guide me for this issue, How to solve those thing.Thanks


You can use the Catalog api to create datasets. To get the id of a Dataset you can use the by-path api.

For MSSql, Dremio will create the datasets for each table automatically when you add the source, no need to create them.

Ok @doron Thanks for the Information,Its makes more helpful for me