Create new account via REST API

Is it possible to create a new account via the REST API? I’m building a UI on top of dremio and would like users to be able to create accounts through my UI rather than dremios.

The current mechanism isn’t a documented API, so it’s possible that it will change without worrying about compatibility, but you can still code to it if you want to.

Once you have a valid session, it appears that creating a user involves the following:

PUT /apiv2/user/{username}

userName: “foo”,
firstName: “foo”,
lastName: “foo”,
email: "",
password: “foobar123456”
createdAt: 1534568366374

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Continuing this discussion.
Have some way to delete ou change the user password via API?
I’m already created users accounts, but i can`t drop or change the user account.

Hi @Julio_Cezar,

There is not a way to do this currently through the exposed (v3) API. This functionality is planned for a future release, but there’s not a firm date for that. You can look at the endpoints that the Dremio web UI uses to achieve this and back-engineer a solution, but as @desidero, we may change these over time.

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