CSV containing weird chars while reading russian names

I have a query which is extracting russian names, when looking at query results pane correct names are shown, but when I export to CSV those names are converted into “?” chars, do you know how to extract exactly the same values as the query results pane?



Would you be able to generate a sample file with 5 rows with Russian names and send us a CSV?

Thanks for prompt responding, yes, please find attached.

market Visit_date Product_UUID Product_Name OOS_Reason Store_Number Store TRAX_comments
ru 2019-10-17T00:00 e108dfc0-9351-11e9-9285-0fa519e90f17 Tanqueray Gin No. Ten Bottle 0.7l ALL - O??? ??? RU025167 METRO, ??? RU025167
ru 2019-10-17T00:00 1ebc1af8-e251-4b75-de74-04803acefeb2 JW Red Label 0.2L Bottle OFF - ??? ??? RU046424 ???, ??? 30? RU046424
ru 2019-10-17T00:00 e1011790-9351-11e9-9285-0fa519e90f17 Gordon’s Gin Pink Bottle 0.7l ALL - ??? ?? ? ??? RU015136 ???, ??? RU015136
ru 2019-10-17T00:00 bfad0e4c-ac96-4ab4-c079-e7efa7256c1c Black & White 0.7L Bottle OFF - ??? ??? RU015136 ???, ??? RU015136
ru 2019-10-17T00:00 18b5fe0d-f88c-41d4-9704-aa09f77d4c27 White Horse 0.35L Bottle OFF - ??? ??? RU015136 ???, ??? RU015136


Pkease find attached.


(Attachment trax_derived-dim_metadata_actions (1).csv is missing)


Looks like the attachement is missing, can you re send it


Thankis Venugopal

For some reason the attachment is blocked if I try to send a csv file, do you have an email so I can share with you??