Data Source Reflection Refresh Settings always revert to "Refresh every x hours"

I can’t change the Reflection Settings for a data source; they revert back to “Refresh every x hours”. I have only tested with a Snowflake data source, though I suspect this would apply to all data sources. I’m able to change and persist the Reflection Settings for individual tables within a data source; the problem is with the parent-level Reflection Refresh Settings that don’t save.

The radio selectors in “Refresh Settings” are not saved. I can change the number of hours, and that gets saved, e.g. change to Refresh every 13 hours, and the “13” is saved. When I try to change to either “Never Refresh” or “Set refresh schedule”, when I hit “Save” and go back to the Source Settings modal, it’s always back at “Refresh every x hours”.

This screenshot shows me trying to save to a set refresh schedule:

But after clicking “Save” and then re-navigating to the Reflection Refresh Settings, it always reverts to this:

The reflection refresh is actually happening every hour, so I suspect something is wrong with persisting the Reflection Refresh Settings when hitting “Save”.

Community Edition
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04/05/2024 15:32:01
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04/05/2024 14:53:56

Thanks for the detailed write up. I’ll pass it on to the right team internally. I cannot reproduce it but they will follow up with your same repo on CE edition.

This bug report from years ago sounds very similar: Data Source Refresh Policy Never Refresh Not Working?

I bet it’s the same thing :slight_smile: