Data Source Refresh Policy Never Refresh Not Working?

Hi Team,

Environment: Centos 7, 4 Nodes, Dremio 2.1, SQL Server Data Source

At a Data Source level, the option “Never Refresh” under the Refresh Policy does not seem to be working. To replicate the issue just select it and save, next time you reopen the dialog section you will notice that it is NOT selected (from a GUI perspective). From a backend perspective, I did notice that reflections seem to keep refreshing on the background (unit I selected the option again at a dataset level).

Has anyone been able to replicate this issue?

Sorry for the latest response, I can indeed reproduce this on the community edition of 2.1.6 (oddly enough it works in the enterprise edition) and we will investigate this and keep you updated.

How are these refresh policies persisted? I’ve noticed that recently they all got reset to some default value on my cluster.