Dataset not found - Nessie, MinIO

Dataset exists in MinIO but query not executing

dataset tmp.UNTITLED version 0004108527846680 at [/dataset/tmp.UNTITLED/version/0004108527846680] not found

Can you share more about how you deployed it, seems like you used docker. Did you deploy the container as is or configured a backing store? What are you using to store the actual details (s3/minio/etc.)

By default the image uses an in-memory database so if at any point you shut down the server and rerun it all the references in it would be gone. You need to configure a backing store for references to persist long term.

Any other details you can provide about the exact steps you took to hit your can be helpful

Here is the details on configuring Nessie - Configuration - Project Nessie: Transactional Catalog for Data Lakes with Git-like semantics