DataSet not found in folder after upgrading from v24 to v25


Yesterday I updated my standalone Dremio install from version 24 to 25.
Something happened with one of my datasets…
When I open one specific folder in the UI, I got this message:

The problem: I can’t delete and recreate this dataset through UI. After showing the error, the folder looks empty.

What can I do?

@almirb Can you please try to clean orphaned dataset version and retry, Dremio needs to be brought down for this


I did that (with dremio service down) … but noting changed.

/dremio-admin clean --compact --max-job-days=7 --delete-orphan-datasetversions=7 --delete-orphan-profiles --reindex-data

What else can I try?

Is there something more I could try?

@almirb let us try one more last thing, i hope the VDS lineage is not too complex. Can we drop VDS, forget metadata on the PDS and then promote PDS then recreate VDS. If problem still exists then recreate with a slightly different name, the downstream VDS/queries needs to be be changed to reflected the new VDS name, are there many VDS’s that refer the problematic VDS?