DBeaver - Setup issue for Dremio on-prem

Hello Dremio Community Group,
We are running a 14 node Dremio cluster on-prem and trying to configure DBeaver to setup the connection. I am following the steps as mentioned on this link: Dremio

However, I am unable to connect via DBeaver. In our trial version I don’t see any Project_ID, hence kept that part blank. Kindly suggest me any relevant “how to setup” document on this regard.


@pramitmitra Have you changed your port from the default 31010 to 443?

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy , Thanks for the response!
Yes, I have updated the port to 443 from default 31010 in two places (1. “Generic JDBC Connection Settings” and 2. Edit Drivers and set port to 443.
However same error again!!!

Please see the below screenshot for detail. Also, I am documenting my "Edit Driver ‘Dremio’ setup for your review:

  1. Driver Name: Dremio
    2.Driver Type: Generic
  2. Class Name: com.dremio.jdbc.Driver
  3. Default Port: 443
  4. Default Database : <Left Blank as I don’t see Database option in Dremio UI >
    6 Default User:
  5. None of the multi select boxes are checkedin (Embedded, No Auth, Allow Empty Password, User legacy JDBC Install etc)

@pramitmitra What version of Java is running on the client (host running DBeaver) and server (Host running Drenio)

I am also having this issue: Connection Timeout after Waiting 30 Seconds. Port 443 and 31010 Not Working. JDBC Driver is Latest Version. Java 8 build 1.8.0_341-b10

@quietmusician1 Are both the client and server on JDK 1.8?

hi all, wonder if DBeaver can connect to Dremio v19 community version via JDBC arrow flight driver? i guess no? thanks