Did not cover query -- why?

This query uses tables which have raw reflections. Why does it not get accelerated? Reason given for two of the tables: “Did not cover query”. Surely a raw reflection provides this coverage? I note the third table is not listed on the acceleration tab. It’s a very small lookup table, 388 bytes.

c96aa6b0-ae92-4656-b46a-81cb7de28d20.zip (35.2 KB)

Hi @dah33

It looks like both reflection matched but did not get chosen. It could be because of 2 reasons

  1. errors while substitution, server.log should have errors
  2. costing reasons, need to enable planner.verbose_profile to understand why

Let’s start with server.log, can you find errors for this reflection id, materialization id?

Reflection Id: 8b4a9879-230e-41ba-9056-0cde7bacee38, Materialization Id: 8fe09a8c-11d7-4943-932b-8dfff11b48c6

Reflection Id: 20ffb419-2345-40d6-9ba3-109da78dd4c3, Materialization Id: e56ab729-3155-4641-b81f-147494d58bb9