Online Reflection Training -- not seeing "too expensive"

I’m going through the D.U. Reflection training. The training doc shows that the Acceleration profile should show “Too expensive” in some scenarios. I only see “Did not cover query” when I execute the same scenario described in the “More on Substitution” section of the training . Attached is my associated job profile.

Can dremio actually report the distinction between Did not cover query and Too expensive, or did I do something wrong setting up the reflections? Thanks. (12.6 KB)

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For the Raw reflection “no_vendor_id” on dataset “Reflections Lab (WIP)”.trips what does it say?


The lab instance of Dremio I was using has expired. Here’s the query I ran:

SELECT DATE_PART('day',pickup_datetime) AS day_num, COUNT(*) AS C

FROM "Reflections Lab (WIP)".trips

GROUP BY DATE_PART('day', pickup_datetime)


The course says I should have seen this:

But for me, all reflections showed “Did not cover query”