Direct connect for Qlik Sense Enterprise

I want to direct connect Dremio with Qlik Sense Enterprise

Not Qlik Sense Desktop

Is it possible?

How can ? Please

Thank you

I also have this question, is it possible to use Dremio as a data source from Qlik Sense Enterprise?

Thanx in advance

@Keisuke it is possible the same way you do this with Qlik Sense Desktop, I tested it myself

  1. install Dremio ODBC driver on the Windows server hosting Qlik Sense Enterprise
  2. configure the System DSN created after the installation of the driver (default name Dremio Connector), or create another one, with the details needed to point to Dremio (hostname, port, username, password and so on)
  3. in your Qlik Sense app choose ODBC, then select the System DSN configured at step 2 and insert Dremio username/password

that’s it!