Dremio & Power BI Report Server with Direct Query

Hello everyone,

I encounter some issue working with Dremio DataSource in PowerBI.
Everything works fine on the Desktop designer version, but I am unable to upload it to the PBI RS On Premise.
I get that for a long time;
And after; just that:

If I switch to “Imported Data”. The upload works fine.

I tried to switch to a ODBC DataSource with DSN, but it’s not DirectQuery but Imported…

Is there a way to get the data in DirectQuery and to be able to publish it through the Report Server ?

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Currently that is not possible and it is definitely an item on the roadmap that we are working with Microsoft, no ETA for now though

OK, Thank you for the answer.

It’s a shame to be able to get the speed of Dremio but to have to wait on some data refresh from the PBI side.

Hope you can bring that soon.

Another question; is there a way to use some AD service account instead of SQL account from SQL DataSource ?



Currently we only support SQL server username/password based authentication and do not support host based login


Back on the PowerBI reporting server issue, Below is . post that someone tried a workaround and it worked


Hi, Yes passing through ODBC worked in "Imported Data " mode.
At least it’s a possibility. Passing through Dremio connector in Imported Data mode must give you the same result.

I will wait for the Direct Query Mode, hoping it appends sooner than later.

Thanks for your help.

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Have you any update regarding the capacity to publish PBI report accessing Dremio with Direct Query ?

It’s really a must have for our side.

Thank you

I am also interested in this. When will DirectQuery be available on PBIRS with Dremio?

A Guy from Microsoft told me, that PBIRS will get no more Connectors, means Dremio Native Driver for DirectQuery will not come in PBIRS and Dremio ODBC cannot DirectQuery!