[Solved] Using Power BI Service with Dremio

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if there are any way to connect Dremio with Power BI Service/Pro. I’ve already tested in Power BI Desktop with Dremio Connector (Beta), but it seems that it doesn’t work on the online version.

Since a ODBC connection seems not to be a solution (read in some posts here that it’s not possible yet). What are the options?


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I believe it’s possible with the Microsoft Gateway.

The problme is that Dremio doesn’t appear in the source types dropdown menu when trying to add it in the Gateway

Once you configure the local gateway with the dremio connector you can publish to PBI Online and direct query to Dremio.

couple things it might be:

  1. did you enable custom data connectors for the gateway? note all gateways in the cluster have the July 2018 update release or later for this option to be available

  1. did you copy Dremio.mez file in C:\Program Files\Dremio Connector\Microsoft Power BI after ODBC driver installation to the location you specified for where to store the custom connector files?
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Thanks for the anwser Jason,

Yes, the Dremio.mez is already on the Power BI Desktop Custom Connectors folder. This checkbox you showed on PBI Service is not present in mine (see the image below). Maybe this is because I’m using the On-premises Data Gateway?

@pollyannaogoncalves Is the gateway version you have installed July 2018 update or later?

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This was the trick! Now, the Dremio option appears on the connectors option on Power BI service. I’m gonna test some datasets refreshs…thanl you very much!