Postgres array not converted to list

Hi there,
I have some varchar[] column in Postgres
The Dremio does not detected as a list of text.
Is this a bug? Any workaround?

Hi @lemig

The data between PgAdmin and Dremio is different, can you please share how for example "{Papeterie,Fournitures & Accessoires …} is displayed in Dremio?


Hi balaji,

Here is another screen shot:26

If you click on the data type menu on the top left of that column, can you cast it to JSON?

Nope. I get:
Failure converting field categories from JSON.

Hi @lemig

Please send me the profile of the failed job, let me try to reproduce this locally and get back to you



Hello all, i’m interrested in the subject, I have similar questions around array, json, jsonb dataype column in Postgres 9.6
So far my experience is unsuccessful in having Dremio (3.1.3 c.e.) import these datatypes without manipulation one side or another.
see Does Dremio supports native json jsonb types in Postgres source?.

As a workaround i build a postgrsql view using (::text) representation of my json column, then using CONVERT_FROM(column,‘JSON’) in Dremio 3.1.3 but it’s expensive operation.

If you have any information, thanks

@thomasm your approach is the recommended approach at this time. You can use Data Reflections to improve performance in this case.

We are considering adding support for the JSON-related features of PG, but no plans at this time.