Dremio adds 'TIMESTAMP' word when connects to Oracle DB


It seems that there is some glitch between Dremio and Oracle.
I use the following Dremio query to Oracle:

FROM "DWH Standby"."ODS_073"."T_AIR_LEGS"
WHERE deleted_flag = 'N' AND active_flag = 'Y' AND part_date = CAST(DATE_TRUNC('DAY', 2023-01-01) AS DATE)

I get this in Oracle:


The Oracle DB administrator says that the string “PART_DATE” = TIMESTAMP ‘2023-01-01 00:00:00.000’ is incorrect and instead there should be string like this “PART_DATE” = ‘2023-01-01 00:00:00.000’ (without TIMESTAMP word).
It seems that somehow Dremio sending the query to Oracle adding the word TIMESTAMP silently.

I make some debug to understand how much resources and how much time consumes this query.
Here is what I have when I execute the query with TIMESTAMP in Oracle:

A lot!

Is there some way for Dremio to send the queries into Oracle DB without TIMESTAMP ?

And this is the same query, but without TIMESTAMP word:

Far much better!

What is the data type of part_date column?

This is what I see about data type of PART_DATE column in Dremio (TIMESTAMP type):

And this is what I see about data type of PART_DATE column in Oracle (DATE type):

Please check the connection settings from Dremio to your Oracle source - perhaps the setting “Map Oracle DATE columns to TIMESTAMP” is enabled - see Oracle | Dremio Documentation

@Anton to add to Michael’s response, here is a screenshot