Help with date type dremio-oracle

Hello everyone, I have a database in oracle, which has a table with several columns and one of them in DATE format: rrrr-mm-dd HH24:MI:SS.

When I query for this column in dremio, it returns it in rrrr-mm-dd format (no hours, minutes or seconds). Converting in date-time does not work because the hours, minutes, and seconds return them as zeros.

What can I do so that when I consult Dremio for this column it comes with the hours, minutes and seconds?

I appreciate your help, Greetings!

Hello gatson_guerra,

From the screenshot, I see that you are converting the ‘date’ column to ‘date & time’ column so it is taking as ‘00:00:00.000’. as time value

Once you read the table from Dremio you should be able to see the same data that is stored in the Oracle database but in string format. Click on the column name and select ‘date & time’ and then apply.

Hope this helps.


Hello Rakesh!

When I make a query in Dremio, the data of the column arrive in date format rrrr-mm-dd, they do not arrive in string format, how can I get it in that way?

Thanks for your help!

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Hello gaston_guerra,

May I know the data type of the column in oracle please, so that I will do a quick test and get back.