How to keep time when connecting to an Oracle column with a Date Type?


Using Community Edition 4.2.1.

We have a lot of table with columns that are defined in Oracle as DATE. This works fine for our java applications.

But when I pull the data thru in Dremio, the time portion is lost.

If the Oracle table column is defined as TIMESTAMP, then the data in Dremio is consistent with Oracle.
Date and Time are both there.

We have more than 4,000 columns which are defined as date, but that also hold a timestamp.

How do I work my way around this ?

I am not going to create thousand in Oracle. Changing applications table definition is also not possible.


can you try to run CAST(“table”.“date_field” as TIMESTAMP)

Might work. Will update the code that generate the reflection and see if this do the trick.
Thanks for the suggestion. I was scratching my head.


Sorry to report, but the CAST does not work.

The problems seem to be that Dremio if using Oracle metadata to create his raw reflections. And while doing so, it loose the time portion.

The cast does the job on VDS, but since it is using the reflection, there is no info other than 00.00 in the time portion.

While attempting to CAST(DT_CREATION AS timestamp) AS DT_CREATION for Raws Reflections creation, all I get is a

Invalid reflection: Display field contains a field name [CAST(DT_CREATION AS timestamp) AS DT_CREATION] that does not exist in the dataset

Still searching for a solution.


Hello @Alain

This is a known issue with Dremio.

We can keep you posted once the fix is available.


Thank you. Any ETA for the fix ?