Dremio-cloner _read_space_folder: error reading entity for folder

I am trying to clone a folder and I am getting the error below.

ERROR:2023-10-27 13:48:19,381:get_catalog_entity_by_id: received HTTP Response Code 500 for : <api/v3/catalog/f8f1507d-b34a-4864-9b51-fe920a1687fe> errorMessage: Something went wrong. moreInfo:
ERROR:2023-10-27 13:48:19,383:_read_entity_definition: cannot retrieve entity for id: f8f1507d-b34a-4864-9b51-fe920a1687fe
ERROR:2023-10-27 11:10:39,735:_read_space_folder: error reading entity for folder: {‘id’: ‘ea1cca08-2b2d-4b30-8fad-c8c2325ea1de’, ‘path’: [‘XYZ’, ‘Staging’, ‘ACD’], ‘type’: ‘CONTAINER’, ‘containerType’: ‘FOLDER’}

The folder does exists. Any suggestions as to cause of this error?