Dremio Connector Tableau Issue

Hello everyone,

I have a problem when trying to connect tableau with Dremio Connector ODBC. I’m following this tutorial https://docs.dremio.com/client-applications/tableau.html#creating-a-dremio-source-in-tableau
but the result is empty.

HI @yudhizth

Can you please pull down the schema list box and use the search conditions, similarly for table_name you can further filter by entering a table_name and choosing one of the radio button options below that


Nice, It works. I’m sorry before. I just start using Tableau :grin:
Thank you

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@balaji.ramaswamy I can see my schemas…but under “Table” nothing will populate. I can see the tables in Dremio. I am not certain why I cannot see them in Tableau. Any suggestions?

HI @mkosmicki

Is it possible your filter is not displaying anything. What happens if you do not select any schemas?

Is the # of tables pretty high?


I looked at my ODBC connection and changed a few things. Now I can see the tables, with and without the schema. No data is pulling in though. I also can’t seem to view the data in Dremio. So there must be something incorrect in how I’ve attached it to our data lake.

Either way…one step closer to analysis! :smile:

Thanks for your suggestion! It helped!

Can you please let me know the configuration that worked for you? I am in the same boat currently


What is your exact issue? Tableau is not listing any tables? have you selected any schema?