Dremio and Tableau

I get ‘The protocol is disconnected!’ error while connecting to Tableu using ODBC driver.Its able to fetch the schema data from dremio but nothing more.

HI @Vishal_Prem,

Can you share with us which version of Dremio server and which version and edition of Tableau (including the OS) you are using?


The version of Tableau is 10.0 and Dremio is 1.2.2.This issue doesn’t persist if i go with Tableau 10.2.Is there a minimum Tableau version requirement?


Which operating system are you using for Tableau?

Tableau is on Windows 7.

Yes, initial versions of Tableau 10 (10.0 and 10.1) had some issues with the Dremio connector. You can work around it by adding the following option to Tableau: -DProtocolServerReconnect=1.

The issue was fixed in Tableau 10.2 and later versions