Dremio and Tableau Data Sources


Greetings all,
I am trying to get Tableau Data Sources to work smoothly with Dremio, and seem to be having some issues.
I have the Dremio 64-bit ODBC connector/driver installed, I am able to test successfully, and I am able to connect Tableau to my underlying Dremio data.
What I don’t appear to be able to do (within Tableau) is use the Tableau functionality to publish a Tableau Data Source to the Tableau Server. I get a bad connection error, which does not make sense as I am able to pull data over a live connection.
Granted, is possible this is an issue with Tableau, not with Dremio, but I am exploring the issue from both sides.

Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop v 2018.3
Dremio 2.0

Appreciate any feedback.
Many thanks,




What is the specific error you get?

Is Tableau Server installed on Linux system?



Hello Ben,
Specific error is attached.

Tableau Server is installed on a Windows system.
One additional piece, data sources publish successfully if embedded in a Tableau workbook, but I get the below error when trying to publish the data source separately.



Hi @DataSailor,

Has the Dremio Connector been installed and configured on the Tableau Server side?



Hi @ben,
Yes, Dremio connector is installed on the Tableau Server side and 64-bit ODBC connection tests successfully.