New deployments

Historically, I’ve pulled down the TAR, and installed that way.

However, I notice now that there is no direct link apparent on the website to download them,

Given the different options on the website, I assume that in an AWS/Azure environment , not running Kubernetes, that Marketplace is the choice, rather than rolling my own (use Ubuntu image, download untar etc…)

Can you confirm?

Also, is Docker considered production ready these days?


@spireite K8’s (kubernetes) docker installation is production ready and standard helm charts are available on both Amazon (EKS) and Azure (AKS), Market place is an extra option on Amazon

Thank you very much!

@spireite you can find direct download links here:

I used docker deployment for 2 years, nothing wrong with it. But pay attention to the user, docker image use dremio user to read & write temp files. You need to give proper permission to dremio user if you mount your data with host OS storage