Dremio docker not able to access to Azure

I have dremio running in a docker in my local machine, and trying to create a data lake by connecting to Azure. However, am having authentication issues when creating the data lake.

I have whitelisted my public IP (https://www.whatsmyip.org/) to the storage account but still getting authorisation issue. If I disable to firewalls (Checking IP) in the storage account then am able to connect to Azure from dremio

Any idea, whats the IP that I have to whitelist when trying to access to Azure from dremio (which is running in docker locally), and why the public IP that I have whitelisted is still not working.

I have contacted the Azure support team and they said that a different IP is trying to communicate with the storage account (which is different from my public IP). Will docker have its own public IP? I can only get private IP of docker but not the public.