Not able to access to S3 from dremio


I’m running dremio using docker in my local machine. And trying to access S3 bucket. But getting the below issue.

Any idea how to solve this. Have same issue even when I try to access ADLS 2 in Azure.



Try to add both sources again and after it fails send us the server.log from the Dremio coordinator. Also install S3 and Azure client on the Dremio coordinator and see if you are able to access Dremio from command line. This will rule out any possible firewall issues


Hi @balaji.ramaswamy , thanks for the message. I have been trying to create data lake in dremio from yesterday but it doesnt work. Getting the below issue

com.dremio.common.util.Retryer - Retry attempt 6 for the failure at$DFSContainerIterator:readNextPage:179, Error - java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: connection timed out:

{“error”:{“code”:“AuthorizationFailure”,“message”:“This request is not authorized to perform this operation.\nRequestId:c3348ee0-001f-00b3-4042-0a767d000000\nTime:2021-02-24T00:17:53.9667329Z”}}

However, am able to run az login command inside the docker without any issues. Not sure what am I missing.

Any idea on how to do proxy setup to access azure? Trying to find the properties that I need to enter in Advanced Options.