Dremio Dockers stop as soon as i started them


Hi, I have a problem when I work with Dremio in Docker. When I start the containers, after 12 seconds or so they stop, they do not keep up. I look at the logs of the stopped containers and I get this error:
“Dremio is exiting. Failure while starting services.
com.dremio.common.exceptions.UserException: No Cluster Identity found
at com.dremio.common.exceptions.UserException $ Builder.build (UserException.java:746)
at com.dremio.dac.cmd.upgrade.Upgrade.run (Upgrade.java:187)
at com.dremio.dac.cmd.upgrade.Upgrade.run (Upgrade.java:179)
at com.dremio.dac.daemon.DremioDaemon.main (DremioDaemon.java:104)”

Does anyone know why this happens to me? I am using 1 container with the role of master, 3 containers with the role of executors and an external zookeeper to coordinate them. Thank you


Hi @German

If this is a fresh install, delete the dB folder under data and try to start Dremio again



Hi @balaji.ramaswamy

I have deleted the db folder under data and the container is still standing alone, and in the logs of the container the same thing keeps coming up. I am trying to test the yarn provisioning and have followed the instructions of the docs page. Before modifying the dremio.conf and adding the core-site.xml, hdfs-site.xml and yarn-site.xml files to the conf folder, everything seemed to work fine. I tried to build another 4 docker containers without those modifications and I have no problem.
Thanks for the help.


Has anyone found any solution for this?


Hi @German

Can you please send us the server.out and server.log? (The one that has the error)



Hi @balaji.ramaswamy
In the end I realized that I was doing things wrong, what I have to do is in a container with Hadoop install Dremio inside and test the YARN provisioning. Thank you